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Water Stop Leak Detectors for sale


Water Stop Leak Detectors as new

German Manufacturer

Central water monotoring device TÜV-approved  CE

So your house does not take a bath!

Water normally runs undetected:
The tap is running, the toilet tank is running - that creates unnecessary expenses.
A leaking toilet tank wastes up to 90 cbm of water, Those are expenses of about EUR 300 per year.

Pipes burst!

Water pipe damages amount to billions each year.

Water is pouring:

A loose hose, a little mishap can lead to enormous damages.
We have the solution for your problem.

Application Range:

  • monitors the flow of water in a family home

  • protection against water pipe damages

  • shut down in case of unwanted uninterupted extraction of water

  • shut down in case of bursting pipes

  • detection of leackages

Price idea EUR 275 per unit ex warehouse plus VAT (if applicable) subject to prior sale!


Location near Frankfurt/Main Germany

Further details upon request:

Further details upon request:


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