Your logistic Expert on a freelance Basis!

Here are a few examples of projects in which I am involved:

Project Description



Brummifreund, a platform for truckers, hauliers and forwarders with lots of help, information and many new services such as links to 103 European freight exchanges - 56 free of charge! With a search engine for truckers! Place free adverts on the pinboard!


We help you with the!


It is the aim of this platform to concentrate the potential of freelance logistic experts, as well as logistic products and services in an easily accessible database.

In a search engine logistic experts and providers of logistic products or services can be entered free of charge with their address, keywords and link to their homepage.

In a forum, which is free of charge as well, this target group can discuss logistic topics, publish articles or opinions related to these topics.

Under the heading procucts one can introduce products and services with a short discription, photo/logo/banner and a link to their homepage for a minimal fee.

For clients without an internet presence there is a possibility to have an individual homepage designed for a minimal fee.

Under the heading experts logistic experts with particular know-how and qualification can enter a short profile, photo, key-competence, nationality and a link to their homepage for a minimal fee.

Under the heading countries logistic experts with particular country related know-how can enter a short profile for the particular countries, photo, key-competence, nationality and a link to their homepage for a minimal fee.

This product was developed by Future-Logistics, a network of logistic experts for projects, who are always looking for experts and products in connection with their projects. With this we want to close another gap in logistics in search for experts and expertise.

The Platform for logistc Experts, -Products & -Services!


Future-Logistics is a network of experienced, independent logistic experts, who provide their experience to logistic companies and the industry on a freelance basis.

Condensed experience, creativity and the determination to innovation is the basis. We like to be measured by our performance! Your bottlenecks are our challenge!

Your logistic Experts tailored to fit!


What started as a hobby, becomes more and more a real project. The administration of the greater part of the artistic heritage of Prof. Peter Janssen 1906-1979. The painter and arts professor is introduced with his work of over 200 paintings, comprehensive background information + press coverage. All works shown are available for exhibitions, rental or even for sale.

Peter Janssen (1906-1979) Internet Exhibition!


Each year in November Iraq is hosting the Baghdad International Fair in Baghdad. Based on old connections I can help potential participants with the preparation and execution. This covers the registration, transport and customs formalities of exhibits, accomodation, travel arrangements and service on location etc.

Everything you need to know, if you want to participate!