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International Procurement of Second Hand Machinery, Equipment and Stocklots



  We would like to act on your behalf as scouts to help you find suitable machines, equipment and stocklots in Germany and Europe!

Just send us an email with a detailed description of the required second hand machines, equipment or commodities. We only look in  factories where machines and equipment are used or commodities are produced. We do not involve other dealers because you could do that yourselves!

With that we give you the chance to find machines, equipment and commodities still in use at the relevant factories or directly at the source.

The advantages for you:
As soon as you start planning the purchase of a machine or equipment, we could start scouting for these commodities for you!
We find potential sellers at locations where you could inspect machines and equipment still in operation and  that are not dismantled at some warehouse!
You can minimise your international communication and time-consuming internet research!
We find reliable and reputable direct sellers for you!
You only have one counterpart for communication - us!
Your request will be put on our website with excellent search engine rankings.
You can easily test our search engine ranking.
e.g.  In Google just enter Heat Trap for Warehousegate . The result will convince you!
Your request will be entered in German and English!  Other languages are also possible upon request.
Your enquiry remains anonymous until you wish to get in direct contact with the seller!
You can concentrate more on your core business and reduce expensive travel expenses!
It is our intention not to provide another fully automated platform on the internet. With us each buyer or seller will receive  personalised and immediate service.
  For any further questions I am at your disposal!

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latest update: 06-Mrz-2012


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